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Prefix : 49. Operators List.Telekom (T-Mobile/D1) (2621). To send SMS to Germany, use the international prefix 49 for your contacts phone numbers. Prefix / Phone Code. 0049. Map.Germany. You received an unknown call with the country calling code 0049? How would you rate it? Germany Flag. Population: 81,802,257 Area: 357,021 Continent: EU Capitol: Berlin Currency: Euro (EUR) Primary Languages Spoken: de Domain Name TLD: .de Phone Prefix: 49 Country Code Germany. International phone number. 49. IDD: 00. Germany: List of postal codes/ZIP codes.Each country area has its own local phone prefix. The international country phone code of Germany 49.Alemania. Russian (Русский). Германия. Chinese (). Please select your call forwarding settings from Heidelberg, Germany to Regular phoneSelect prefix: Empty. Enter phone number.

Telobal provides Phone Number (Also known as Virtual Number or Direct Inward Dialing : DID) access numbers (sometimes referred to as virtual numbers) from Cologne, Germany (prefix: 49-221). city code. phone number. comments. USA to Germany. 011.Do NOT dial the 0, 0 is the long distance prefix in Germany. USA to Canada. Please select your call forwarding settings from Heidelberg, Germany to Regular phoneSelect prefix: (316) Mobile (0.

07USD/min) (31) Landline (0.02USD/min). DID HQ provides DID numbers with Regular phone call forwarding from Hagen, Germany to Romania.Prefix. Network. Price per minute. A local Bonn, Germany (prefix: 49-228) DID Virtual Number may be interconnected with different destinations available in our service options. It is usually dialled after the international prefix. Generally, as in the list below, the need for this prefix is indicated with a "".Germany. Area Code: 2-5 digits Subscriber Number: 3-9 digits (see note below) Trunk Prefix: 0 International Prefix1 November 2002 - mobile number portability. Mobile numbers in Germany are now portable. Prefix germania halberstadt. Prefix germany from usa. Rating: 8/10 (57).Prefix germania 0049. Suchergebnisse fr dsn prefix germany.To dial a German commercial telephone number from within Europe, but outside of Germany: Dial 0049 and drop the first 0 of the commercial number. This page details Germany phone code. The Germany country code 49 will allow you to call Germany from another country. Germany telephone code 49 is dialed after the IDD. Munich, Germany (prefix: 49-89). Plus you get a Complete Virtual PBX Phone System With everything you need: Inbound worldwide calls or Germany local call.(including Isle of Man and Channel Islands) 45 - Denmark 46 - Sweden 47 - Norway 48 - Poland 49 - Germany. Related. Telephone prefixes (country code) for European countries. Prefix 38. To call Germany dial: Exit Country Code 49 Area Code The Number.0 is the trunk code for Germany. More ways to call Germany I would like to give all variables a common prefix. > > I thought first of using unab in a foreach loopPublic Economics > Knigin-Luise-Str. 5 14195 Berlin Germany > Tel.: 49/30/89789-307 Fax. Telephone numbers in Germany. Country Code: 49 International Call Prefix: 00.Callers from outside Germany do not dial the "0" prefix , like (international call prefix)-49-69-123456789 (example). The regulation of telephone numbers in Germany is the responsibility of the Federal Network Agency (German: Bundesnetzagentur, BNetzA) of the German government. The agency has a mandate to telecommunications in Germany and other infrastructure systems. International call prefix is 00 and 0 is the trunk prefix. There are eight geographic calling zones in this country.International Phone Dialing Codes. Germany ISD Country Code 0049.

Vadiaz PBX provides DID numbers with ITSP call forwarding from Bremen, Germany (prefixPlease select your call forwarding settings from Bremen, Germany to ITSP: Buy DID number in Bremen now! Порядок набора: 810 международный код страны телефонный код города номер телефона Международный код Германии: 49 (0049) Телефонный код Бремена: 421 Вы 1. You send a fax message to 494038699239 (0049 prefix, Germany). 2. We receive it electronically. 3. We remove all header lines which may identify your location. It is not from a company it is the official area code of the city of Frankfurt. Area codes of the landlines are not company bound only the area codes of mobiles differ sometimes by the company. Berlin (Germany)Dialling Code / Phone Code.With country code 0049. (030). Telephone code in brackets. Virtual Number in Berlin,Germany prefix:49-30.Berlin,Germany DID Number supports Unlimited number of calls, with no limit on the length of each call. Hablaporinternet.com Corp provides Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access numbers (sometimes referred to as virtual numbers) from Ohringen, Germany (prefix: 49-7941). 0049 is Germany country telephone code. Its the dialing code you need for calling Germany from another country. This page concern only Germany dial code. Federal Republic of Germany — Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Phone number prefix: 49. Direct Number provides Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access numbers (sometimes referred to as virtual numbers) from Essen, Germany (prefix: 49-201). Prefix National number (10, 11 or 12 digits) national Area code Subscriber number 0 and (2 to 5 digits) (5 to 10 digits) internat. 2 digits NZ-E: 8 or 9 digits 0049 NZ-Z: 9 or 10 digits respectively 3 49 code country is preceded either by 00 ( 0049 ) or 011 ( 01149 ) for calls made from USA and Canada and by the sign plus (49). Flag of Germany : How to call Germany with 49 country code? Country code:49, Country name:Germany, Continent:Europe, Iso Country code:DE/DEU, All City Area Codes, Phone/Telephone International country code more info Please select Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Great Britain Greece Hungary Ireland Italy LatviaAccount data. E-mail . Prefix . NOTE: The cities on the comprehensive listing are formatted for dialing within Germany. To dial from outside Germany, omit the leading 0 after dialing the country code. Torizon Cloud Solutions provides Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access numbers (sometimes referred to as virtual numbers) from Oldenburg, Germany (prefix: 49-441). Central Telefnica provides Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access numbers (sometimes referred to as virtual numbers) from Flensburg, Germany (prefix: 49-461). codes (mostly EX Communist Countries like Lithuania) international calls international prefix: 00 example: calling from Germany to France 00 33 I 422I IIII II rue des IIaIIes PARIS Ier Germanys Munich,Germany Virtual Phone Number prefix:49-89.Some features of the Germany , Munich Virtual Phone numbers provided by us are Vadiaz PBX provides Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access numbers (sometimes referred to as virtual numbers) from Kassel, Germany (prefix: 49-561). Search Results for "prefix germany".EASY TO REMEMBER URL: CountryCode.org/germany for Germany country code 49 country codes DE and Germany phone number. Munich Phone Number. Munich, Germany Prefix: 49-89.Stay in Touch with Family and Friends in Germany. Now you can have a local Germany number for friends and family to call you on directly. Buy German Language Tutorial as a PDF e-book! German Language Tutorial includes a vocabulary and grammar review of the German language, with German realia photos taken in Germany and Buy Virtual Number provides DID numbers with Regular phone call forwarding from Klettgau, Germany (prefix: 49-7742). Country Code: 49 International Call Prefix: 00 Trunk Prefix: 0. Area codes in Germany (German Vorwahl) have two to five digits, not counting the leading trunk access code 0. The leading 0 must be dialed when calling from within Germany and must be omitted when calling from abroad. Many translated example sentences containing "prefix" German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Instantly get the Germany country code and German area codes to help you Prefix / Phone Code 0049 Map. Germany country code (prefix) for phone calls. With an interactive map and real tips from travelers to explore Germany.

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