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When comparing smart devices its always smart to do your research first and reading up on the latest news.Theres no way to put this nicely. The Nexus 5 completely wrecks the iPhone 5S in almost all regards.Go with the LG Google Nexus 5. With this information, it makes sense to compare Google and LGs latest offering the Nexus 5 with Apples newest iPhone 5S. Both feature impressive specs and smooth software integration, but which one is the better buy? Also the viewing angles on the Apple iPhone 5S is incredible. Nexus 5 does a great job at that too but iPhone 5S smashes overall graphical performance.There is no match for iPhone 5Ss night shots when compared to the Nexus 5. Camera: Apple iPhone 5S. Apple iPhone 5s. Posted: 10 Sep 2013 Market Status: Released. PhoneArena ratingGoogle Nexus 5. Posted: 31 Oct 2013 Market Status: Released.Add phone to compare. Design. Device type.

Is the Google Nexus 5 a better phone than the iPhone 5S?Note: This comparison will be updated periodically as we spend more time using and comparing each phone. iPhone 5S vs Nexus 5: Design. Torn between the Nexus 5 and iPhone 5s? Now that weve had some extended hands-on time with both, we thought it was worth revisiting. Read on, as Gizmag goes hands-on to compare the LG/Google Nexus 5 and Apple iPhone 5s. Google Nexus 5 is an Android phone and iPhone 5s is a iOS phone. Android is not more secure compare the iOS. On my side, we preferred more secure smartphone, so i am suggesting you go with iPhone 5S. Can Googles latest flagship smartphone, the Nexus 5, match up to Apples dominant iPhone 5s? iPhone 6s vs Nexus 5x comparison review: the ultimate Apple iPhone versus Google Android showdown.The latest Nexus model is the Nexus 5x, so if youre in the market for a new phone, these are good phones to compare. We put the Android 6.0 Nexus 5 to the test against the iOS 7 iPhone 5s to find out which you should buy, the older Google or the Apple.Report a correction. Follow us.

Compare. vs. Apple Iphone 5s Vs Google Nexus 6.Hi Guarav, 5S is almost a 2 generation old phone. compared to that nexus 6 is better but if u want something smaller with best hardware in the market. Google Nexus 5 Compared with iPhone 5s, Galaxy S4, HTC One, Moto X and LG G2. Covered every details from specifications to prices, screen size, display and battery timing.Google Nexus 5 vs the Competition: Specs and Pricing Compared. iPhone 5S vs Nexus 5 comparison: Storage. Storage is important if youre going to keep lots of music, apps, games and videos on your smartphone.Google has double the capacity of the Nexus 5 compared to the Nexus 4 so there is 16 GB and 32 GB options. Nexus 5 Battery Life vs iPhone 5 Nexus 5 vs iPhone 4S Phone iPhone 5 versus 5S iPhone 5S Compared to iPhone 5 5C vs 5S 1520 vs iPhone 5S.Apple iPhone 5S Vs Google Nexus 5 Who Wins? : 800 x 455 jpeg 35kB. The Apple iPhone 5s and the LG-built Google Nexus 5. Apple/Google /AndroidPIT.However, as with almost any Android/iOS comparison there is simply no comparing to the iPhones legendary camera. Google Videos Channels.In this video we compare the brand new Nexus 5 to the iPhone 5S. Each phone offers powerful features, but which one comes out on top? Nexus 5 Camera Quality Comparison with iPhone 5s and Galaxy Nexus.Now comparing the two generation older Galaxy nexus, the first picture is very usable. The white door can be seen white and the text on the bag is clear. The LG-built device comes a month after Google sold out of its predecessor, the Nexus 4. Around the same time, Apple also announced its latest smartphone, the iPhone 5s. So how do all three compare? When we compare this Nexus 4 with Apples iPhone 5, we will find many differences. A summary of these differences and similarities, especially with the perspective of hardware, is listed below in the form of a table. Also read: Comparison Between Google Nexus S and iPhone 4. Google released the Nexus 5 today and its something special. Lets start with our handy Nexus 5 vs. iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C specifications chart. After the chart, see the detailed analysis comparing the hardware of these phones. Googles brand-new Nexus 5X takes a slightly different approach. Instead of boasting an aluminium body, manufacturers LG decided to opt for a matte plasticThe iPhone 6s is marginally thicker than its previous generation, but the Nexus 5X still cant compete, measuring in at 7.

9mm compared to 7.1mm. Considering these figures, Nexus 5 has high processing speed compared to that of iPhone 5s.So, this was the comparison between Google Nexus 5 and Apple iPhone 5s. When compared directly with the iPhone 5s, the Nexus 5 fares pretty well in terms of hardware. If we look past the fact that the Nexus 5 does not boast a 64-bit chip or a fingerprint sensor for that matter, something which the iPhone 5s stands proud for, Googles flagship has all the nuts and bolts which Comparing iPhone 5s vs Nexus 5 is like comparing a luxury brand car with non luxury brand car. Both does the same job. This year we have the release from Apple, the iPhone 5s, released last month and on the parallel we have the giant from Google, The glorious Nexus 5 Comparing an Android phone and an iOS one is always tough. But with Google and Apple as the two biggest names in tech it would be a crime to ignore the head-to-head that is the Nexus 5 versus the iPhone 5S. Also Read: Google Nexus 5X and Google Nexus 6P Full Review. Apple has made a long leap by launching its iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus devices in phablet market.We are going to compare Nexus 6P and 5X with Apples iPhone 6S. We compare Googles Android 4.4 Kitkat smartphone with Apples flagship iPhone.For this reason, while the iPhone 5S 326ppi Retina display is still very good, it probably wont be able to match the Nexus 5 445ppi screen. Published on 5 Nov 2013, 9:49. Nexus 5 vs iPhone 5S - Full Comparison. Subscribe for more Nexus 5 content: In this video we compare the brand new Nexus 5 to the iPhone 5S.The Google Pixel Isnt. The Nexus 5 is largely based on the LG G2, but the device is not an exact replica of LGs current flagship thats simply running Googles latest Android operating system.Nexus 5. iPhone 5S. iPhone 5s vs. Nexus 5: Google launched its next flagship smartphone, the Nexus 5. We try to compare Nexus 5 features with iPhone 5s with a focus on user-experience. Check it out LG and Google teamed up once again to deliver us a Nexus 5 that rocks a 5 inch display, and a 8MP camera. This is a camera that Google claimed they made better from last years model.Would be cool to compare the HDR photos with the iPhone 5s photos instead. The iPhone 4s may be fairly older than the Nexus 5, which was the flagship product for Google in the year 2013, but since both phones are being sold at a similar price point, it is only fair to compare the two. iPhone 6 vs Google Nexus 5 - Which is better?In this video we do a full in depth comparison between the iPhone 6 and Google Nexus 5. TheNexus 5 - Full Benchmark Tests Performance Comparison In this we compare the iPhone 6 and LG Google Nexus 5 with performance and WCCF: Nexus 5 Camera Quality Comparison with iPhone 5s and Galaxy Nexus.Why do they never compare the Lumia lines (920,1020) to these phones? Agree 0 Disagree 0. - SPAM Inappropriate. In terms of the display, the Google Nexus 5 beats the pants out of the Apple iPhone 5S.The Nexus 5 meanwhile comes with Optical Image stabilization and even though the iOS camera app is generally crappy compared to Android we would still give the edge to Apple here. How does the Apple iPhone 5S compare vs. the Nexus 5? Photo: Thomas Halleck / International Business Times. Apple began selling the iPhone 5S in October 2013. Google followed the following month with the Nexus 5, manufactured by LG Electronics. Googles LG Nexus 5 set foot in the Indian market via Google Play store last week. The response from the subcontinent buyers was such that 16GB variant stocks ran out of stock within few hours. Archrival Apple too released the new iPhone 5S (along with iPhone 5C) early this month in India and Highlight Differences. LG Google Nexus 5. Apple iPhone 5s.Compare Oneplus 2 vs. Apple iPhone 6 vs. LG Google Nexus 5. OTHER COMPARISONS. Huawei Honor 8 Lite vs. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 comparison. iPhone 6s vs iPhone 5s comparison review Macworld UK. Google Nexus 5 review TechRadar. Apple iPhone 5s price specifications features comparison. iPhone X vs OnePlus 5 How Do They Compare Know Your. iPhone 5s. Nexus 5X. Brand. Apple. Google. Status.Accelerometer, Barometer, Compass, Fingerprint Reader, GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, Gyroscope, Proximity Sensor. WiFi. iPhone 5s. Nexus 5X. Google just announced the Nexus 5 handset that runs on Android 4.4 or Android KitKat.In any case, if you must really see the differences between these phones, here is a table comparing the specs of the Nexus 5 and the iPhone 5s. Usually, we compare devices only when they are in the same price category.But here the competition is between the two flagship smartphones coming from the leaders-Apple and Google. The iPhone 5s is priced at a premium, the Nexus 5 is cheaper. But here is. Its Apple vs. Google in the battle of the flagship smartphones, with one key difference the Nexus 5X offering starts at 200 less than the iPhone 6s does. Find out how the two compare in our preview, where we take a look at the specs and features of each to see which is worthy of your We compare the Google Nexus 5X vs Apple iPhone 5s, putting their specs and benchmarks side by side including screen, cpu, gpu, camera, battery life and more.Nexus 5X Google. clock speed. In this video we compare the brand new Nexus 5 to the iPhone 5S.Nexus 5 Review- Top 10 Reasons To Buy LG Google Nexus 5 - Продолжительность: 10:55 Intellect Digest 82 764 просмотра. And despite it being an inch bigger than the iPhone 5s 1136 x 640 screen, its higher resolution means its a little more pixel-packed, with 445ppi compared to the iPhone 5s 326ppi.Google has stated that software tweaks are on the way to help improve the Nexus 5s camera performance, but for now The Google Nexus 5 smartphone measures average dimensions at 5.43 x 2.72 x 0.34 inches, while the Apple iPhone 5s has smaller dimensions, measuring at 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 inches. This begs the question: is bigger better? Top specs and features. Apple iPhone 5S vs Google Nexus 5: 117 facts in comparison. 1. battery power.Add to comparison. Compare. This page is currently only available in English. Compared to the iPhone, Nexus is 11 percent longer, 17 percent wider and 13 percent thicker but still bags good points on easy operability.Apple Google Nexus iphone Smart Phone smartphones 2014-05-16. Google launched its much awaited its latest flagship smartphone, the Nexus 5 last week. We took a look at the specs of the Nexus 5 and the iPhone 5 s earlier this week, but itThe video compares the build quality, the Geekbench score, launch time for games, and the image and video quality of the

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