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January February March April May June July August September October November December.Whats the weather like in Las Vegas in September?The average temperature in September is a very warm 36C, which is perfect if you want to top up your tan and spend a lot of time outdoors. What Is The Average Temperature In The Spring. Worlds Strangest Isolated Places. Arizona Weather In. Las Vegas Weather February.Las Vegas Weather April. Average annual rainfall in Las Vegas. Las Vegas brief climate description.Distance to sea/ocean for Las Vegas is about: 379 km. Water Temperatures for the nearest location Laguna Beach areFebruary. March. April. May. Weather in Las Vegas switch to Celsius/mm. Average Temperature (F).Vegas sees fewer visitors during these months, making it easy to score a good room at a great price.NASCAR Weekend (March). Viva Las Vegas (April). Expect 25C daytime maximum temperatures in the shade with on average 12 hours of sunshine per day in Las Vegas in April. It gets warmer in April and May, with temperatures going to 30 35C.

If you dont plan to spend too much time outside, there is no problem in visiting Las Vegas during the summer months.Average temperature, C. Rainfall, mm. Weather in Las Vegas in January. Average temperatures - Las Vegas.3.

29. Winter, from December to February, is mild and sunny during the day, while nights are cold, with minimum temperatures often around freezing (0 C or 32 F). The rains are very rare. What is the average temperature in Las Vegas during April? In most years, Las Vegas averages a daily maximum temperature for April thats between 74 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (24 to 28 degrees Celsius). April, May, June, September and October take advantage of a nice weather with 77F as average temperature. During those times of the year the rush is low and you can enjoy reduced rates in Las Vegas hotels. On average Las Vegas enjoys 292 days of sunshine each year, so its a great city to visit to matter what month it is and you can make great deals on flights and accomodation during everyMany people plan their trips in April when the temperatures are yet to reach their highest for the season. Summers in Las Vegas last from April to October and bring average day-time temperatures over 25C, surpassing 40C in the shadeNight-time temperatures in Las Vegas are pleasant during the summer months and range between 17 and 26C. However, winter nights are cold, sometimes frosty. From march to april the climate is good. the thermometer goes up to 25CC and you can expect to have 9mm of rainfall/month during this period.By early evening, the temperature averages 9C and, in december, 5 days of rain are expected. Chart: temperature and rainfall in Las Vegas. Confidence votes 37.6K. The temperature in Las Vegas during April ranges from 50 to 75 degrees.What is the average March temperature in Las Vegas? 13c/56F. Las Vegas weather averages. Annual high temperature- Las Vegas Climate Graph - Nevada Climate Chart. Climograph of Las Vegas on your website. Select month: January February March April May June July August September October November December. If you want to enjoy warm temperatures on your vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada, April is a good month.What Month Is it the Cheapest to Fly to Las Vegas? What is the Annual Average Rainfall for Houston, Texas? How to Pack for a Las Vegas Vacation in October. Average temperature in Las Vegas in April. At it IS very nice weather. Overall, the normal temperature in Las Vegas during April is 67.2 degrees Fahrenheit, or 19.55 degrees Celsius. Hottest Temperature in March in Las Vegas. The weather inside a Las Vegas sports book during March Madness is always perfect.Related Posts: Las Vegas Weather in April Average Best time to go to Las Vegas would be in spring or autumn. Temperatures are a bit milder and there is the least chance of rain.During the months March, April and October you will experience pleasant weather with a nice average temperature. Climate, Average Temperatures, Rainfall, Wet Frosty Days, Sunlight Hours, Windspeed Humidity. Las Vegas NV Recent November Temperatures Rainfall.During April and May, temperatures in Vegas are particularly pleasant and are usually Las Vegas Weather in April April Weather Averages Check the table below for the average temperatures for each month in Las Vegas.April. 78. 50. In most years, Las Vegas averages a daily maximum temperature for April thats between 74 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (24 to 28 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature usually falls between 53 and 59 F (12 to 15 C). The days at Las Vegas start to heat up rapidly during April. Get Las Vegas, NV 89101 typical April Weather including average and record temperatures from AccuWeather.com.Las Vegas April Weather. Follow us on. Login. Long story short, spend plenty of time outside during April in Las Vegas because this is what comfort feels like. Other spots to enjoy the perfect Las Vegas weather include The Park Las Vegas, The LINQ and The Downtown ContainerAverage High Temperature in April in Las Vegas: 78 F (25.5 C). Average maximum temperature in Las Vegas in April is 79F (26C) while the average lowest temperature is 52F (11C). LAs Vegas weather in April is quite warm during the day, while nights are agreeable and not too cold. Las Vegas Weather: April. Average Day TemperatureThe highest day temperature in April 2017 was 90F. The lowest night temperature was 53F. The average values for day and night temperatures during April were 77.2F и 63.1F respectivly. April. May.Las Vegas, Nevada Average Temperatures Chart. The average temperature charts use a fixed scale so that you can easily compare temperatures between two or more locations. Strength of Episode. Las Vegas Average Temperature Compared to 30 Year Normal. Weak. 44.2.El Nio episodes in Las Vegas tend to have normal to above normal precipitation for the period July-June as well as during the cold season months of November through April and to a lesser extent Most visitors find that the temperatures in the summer are unbearable for outdoor activities. There are many people who visit Las Vegas during the winter months between December and February - the city can beApril sees another considerable increase in average high and average low temperatures. varieties of plants survive winter temperatures in their region. However, the resistance zone USDA plant does not show the average number of hours of cold for each zone.Imagine, the supply of fresh produce, locally grown during the winter season! Average temperatures - Las Vegas.3. 29. Winter, from December to February, is mild and sunny during the day, while nights are cold, with minimum temperatures often around freezing (0 C or 32 F). The rains are very rare. 1.3 Weather in the desert: Average Temperatures in Las Vegas.The best two months weatherwise is Las Vegas are April and October. The bad news is that the summer months are very hotunbearably so during July. las vegas weather january [] What Is The Average Temperature In The Spring. Spring temperature averages range from high of spring temperature outlook warmth to persist in the south temperatures expect iceland with this guide average climate april and may what is the average The best weather is is April through June with average temperatures in the mid 80s.Below is a more detailed description of Las Vegas weather during each month of the year. These are based on average weather observations. Average Las Vegas Temperatures.April.All figures are according to National Weather Service records for the Las Vegas Valley. Best Time for Bargains: One of the best times to find a bargain in Las Vegas is during the peak of summer, mainly mid-July through August as itTheres even less chance for rain in April, with 5mm of precipitation on average over three days. Temperatures are definitely warming up too, with average Las Vegas Weather Averages | Vegas.com Vegas.coms guide to Las Vegas average temperatures. Climate Las Vegas Jan: January, Feb: February, Mar: March, Apr: April, May: May, Jun: June, Jul: July, Aug: August, SepSome years I didnt even need a sweater during the day but other years. average temperature The average of a days high and low temperatures, from midnight to midnight.Annual precipitation in Las Vegas is roughly 4.5 in (110 mm), which mainly occurs during winter but is not uncommon anytime of the year. Mid April its around 80, by late april mid 80s. Perfect time of year for weather. Evenings are pleasant, but not chilly. The average Las Vegas temperature is 66.3 degrees (19 degrees centigrade). Average Monthly Weather Conditions in Las Vegas.April.Winter dressing: During the winter months, long pants, a sweater and a light jacket are recommended. The lowest temperature ever registered in Las Vegas in April is 3C, whilst the highest temperature ever recorded in the city during this month is 37C. With mild average temperatures like these, April is a great time for everyone to visit Las Vegas What is the weather like in Las Vegas in April? The average temperature during the day is in the low 80s F (approx. 27C), and evening temps range from the mid-50s F (12C). Please check www.weather.com before you arrive. April. 16F.The lowest monthly average temperature in Las Vegas for December is 32 degrees. The most monthly precipitation in Las Vegas occurs in August with 3.4 inches. For reference, on July 13, the hottest day of the year, temperatures in Las Vegas typically range from 80Fon April 26, the windiest day of the year, the daily average wind speed is 9.2 miles per hourThe average accumulated growing degree days in Las Vegas are increasing during November Recent above-normal temperatures in the Las Vegas Valley will drop below normal by the weekend, the National Weather Service said.The average temperature high for this time of year is 97 degrees, Harrison said.Las Vegas breaks records during hot, dry 2017. How can the weather in Las Vegas during April best be described? Is Las Vegas not kid-friendly?What is the average temperature in Las Vegas in April? . April Weather Averages For Las Vegas USA - Average temperature vegas april. . April Marked The Th Month In A Row That The Global Temperature - Average temperature vegas april. On average most rain falls during the months of February (18mm) and January (15mm). June and April are usually the driest months.Daily average temperatures in Las Vegas, Nevada range from 8.

6C to 33.1C. Weather in Las Vegas Temperature Average temperatures in.The average high during this season is between 67.6F (19.8C) and 55.5F (13.1C). On average, it rains or snows a smalll amount: consistently 1 times per month. Las Vegas Daily Temperatures (Average max/mins and Record max/mins).Las Vegas Mean, Lower 1st Percentile, and Upper 99th Percentile Temperatures.During El Nino episode of winter 91-92, March totals 4.80, most for any individual calendar month in history. The weather in Las Vegas starts to heat up quickly from around March/ April, and usually passes 100F for the first time in May, remaining liable to be aboveIn 2013, the top temperature in Las Vegas was 115F, occurring on June 28th. An average of 310 days each year are sunny in Las Vegas, though

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