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Is ret pally my best character? Thank you guys so much for watching, this channel will have daily uploads of all sorts of Blizzardwow 6.2 ret paladin pvp guide. Probably not the best guide out there but it should still be helpful. My Armory Ret pally Guide 6.2.3 PvP Guide (Talents, Rotation ect) Full Guide for PvPing as a Ret 6.2 ret paladin pvp guide. Probably not the best guide out there but it should still be helpful. Best heirlooms for a baby pally leveling as Prot? by Eugenia » Sun Mar. BestInSlot will allow you to set your own Best In Slot list and share it with raid. 5.2 Protection Paladin stat weights. well -- these should impact the best-in-slot optimizer mor BG Hilarity - WoW 6.2.3 Ret Paladin PvP 16:29Wow 7.2 Retribution Paladin pvp guide 16:20 Ret pally Guide 6.2.3 PvP Guide (Talents, Rotation ect)Holinka 17:38Ret Paladin PVP Basic Guide 6.

2.3 4:51wow 6.2.3 ret paladin pvp guide part 2. Stat priority, gear, and rotation 3:35Wow Retribution HomepageWorld of WarcraftClassesRetribution PaladinGear, Legendaries, and Best in Slot.Ret DPS Questions (Stat priority, sims). Paladin - Antorus Assistance. In the same category. Ret and devo auras are usually used when another pally can provide the resi auras (but prots/ rets usually use devo/ret aura, since they have theNext, I will list the available items for every slot, after which you can find the BiS EoT/PoS "set". [Download] RET PALLY PvP 7 2 AWESOME HEALS MAKES FOR A HAPPY PALLY.Full Download WoW Legion 7 2 Arena 2v2 RSham Arms Warriors Must Be Good No High Dampening O VIDEO and Games With Gameplay Walkthrough And Tutorial Video HD. All else being equal, this is how Ret Paladins value secondary stats in AntorusFor a more detailed stats breakdown, including an Antorus, the Burning Throne Best in Slot list, check out the Equipment Guide for Patch 7.3.2. Maxs Ret Pally 3/18.Vladwrynn.

My 3 button Ret Pally Gnome Sequencer. It has the Ret Pally best in slot gear lists, , then some.Slot Slot Popularity. Best in slot ret paladin. As a MM Hunter, this thing is a godsend. This is my ret paladin DPS guide for the Legion pre-patch. As the title states. Im unsure what to put in my gem slots and what stans to lean towards.I ran a Raidbots Stat Weights against a few of the Rets listed in the 101 Armory Thread and it basically"Better get it done today because Blizz will find some stupid reason to remove it tomorrow." As a ret pally. World of Warcraft Forums Classes A Ret Paladin Preview of 5.0.4 Fellow Ret Paladins.

Ret Paladin 5.0.4 Guide. WoW Level Scaling Feature. A World of Warcraft Class Guide, Updated to Patch 6.2.3. Just recently I came across this website, Best in Slot Holy Paladin Resource, and it got me to thinking that I should post up my own gearing philosophy.MMO-Champion. Penance Priest. The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon. Best in slot (also "best-in-slot" usually shortened to "BiS") is a term meant to describe the very best item, enchant and/or gem available to a character for a specific slot. While there are differences in opinion there is usually a generally held idea of what is the BiS. 201 Icy Veins Ret Pally Pvp Search - Facade Retribution Paladin DPS Stat Priority (Legion204 Best In Slot Ret Paladin 5.4 Retribution It was a tough slog for me as well since at the time Consecration was taking up an invisible debuff slot on the nost pvp server - so what I did was have the guild craft a Nightfall for me and I was the requisite Nightfall procGood ol Theo Nost ret guide! I am debating if I want to give ret another chance. Some BiS (Best in slot) items contain ARP. DO NOT let the raid leader and other guild members fool you into thinking that those items are ONLY for Warriors.Trinkets like DV give base AP, which is much more highly valued of ARP for ret pallies. Ret pally Guide 6.2.3 PvP Guide (Talents, Rotation ect)wow 6.2 ret paladin pvp guide. Probably not the best guide out there but it should still be helpful. My Armory Good afternoon everyone just a quick questions here. What is the stat priority for Ret Pallys and what are the caps if any.For jewelry : whatever is Haste Crit and replace only when you get higher ilvl haste/crit (factor in the socket!) and for Trinkets, FCM and Horn in a slot, another Mythic dungeon Gear Lists for WotLK. Shaman Best in Slot Restoration.Death Knight Best in Slot Blood Tank (Armor). Posting a working Ret Pally Rotation macro using LuaNinja.Well, if youre having problems, what you can do is rename the macros to names.Like the Crusader Strike macro should be in SLOT 24. Keyword: Ret Pally 6.2.3:35Wow Retribution Paladin PvP Montage 6.2 WoD 11:17wow 6.2 ret paladin pvp guide 14:57Bajheera - EPIC Level 100 Ret Paladin BG Hilarity - WoW 6.2.3 Ret Paladin PvP. "Best in slot" is much less cut-and-dry than it was in previous tiers thanks to Reforging. Keep this in mind when referencing this list.Truthfully I have no idea. Hopefully EJ updates its ret rotation with a definitive answer soon. Best in Slot FAQ. UPDATED 2015/06/22. What assumptions did you make in generating this Best in Slot list? Just a quick and easy question, is there a website anywhere that lists all the ret pally best in slot gear (not maxdps that place sucks).Thanks, I dont play Ret, but I was talking with our guilds best ret pally about what he still needed. Retribution Macros. Most of these were adapted from Vanguards Ret Page Startattack Use this basic macro with any attack that you might use to start a fight.Best Horde Pally race due to War Stomp and their increased health. War Stomp stuns nearby opponents which is always useful. Best Ret Pally Trinkets | Retribution.Maximize DPS with the best in slot trinkets for your Ret Pally! I made this for our guild leader and any other Ret Pally who is struggling with DPS. BoomMag: Readers and Fans Create a post. Noxxic ret pally video.Patch 7.2.5 sees another big round of tuning and character balance changes for Tomb of Sargeras. Join us as we look at whos going to be the best and worst Best Ret Pally Trinkets | Retribution Stat priorities, legendaries, tier set bonuses, trinkets, and recommended best-in-slot items for Retribution Paladins. Updated for Legion. I am looking to tell my Horde PvP Ret Paladin. First and foremost, I am the original owner, and no one else has ever played the account.Also have [Frosted Adroit Handguards] [Leggings of the Honored] Leather offset pieces that are considered best in slot PVE dps. Welcome to the Paladin Best in Slot list for the Retribution spec in Legion. This list is based on the most reliable sources for this Class and Spec. Remember to check back often since opinions often change on the best gear. It would be awesome to have a addon where you could have a list of best in slot items for your class/spec. Even if you had to add the items to the list yourself it would be a perfect replacement for tabbing and searching all the time. The T7 gloves are best in slot here they beat the Rescinding Grips partly thanks to the gem slotSTFU about what dps casters need. tide is a better item in all respects for a pally short of 10 crit rating.N:Sailan, Mc:Pa80, Ms:Holy, Os: Ret, Mr: Hu, Alt:FMa80/ESh80, S:Proudmoore-US-PvE, G My Ret Pallys dps is. Retribution Trinket Guide for Patch 7. Stat priorities, tier ret set bonuses, recommended best-in-slot items for Retribution Paladins. , trinkets, , ret legendaries I am linking this thread from Elitist Jerks. You even say that its Best in Slot for all healers but that theyd only want it because its a legendary surely theyd want it because its Best in Slot?Ummmm just cause theres a ret pally in the group, why shouldnt I use judgement of light - Your characters name class and spec that you plan to bring to the raid. ToutSweet - Ret Pally.Theyre a little to casual for my taste. This group seems to be a better fit goal wise, while being at the same time. Battle tag is ToutSweet11945. It first presents the best in slot items before listing, slot by slot, all the items, with a level higher than 346, that you can acquire in the game. We also explain how you will be competing for loot with other classes. Along with those there is off-tanking which is better than Ret afaik.however mortal strike takes up a debuff slot, in which case Id imagine ret paladins would do more dps if the arms warrior doesnt use mortalIn my short experience as a Ret pally in Nostalrius I saw something extrange in my opinion. Full Guide for PvPing as a Ret Pally.Ret Paladin Battleground - Temple of Kotmogu Carnage - WoW Legion 7.1 PvP - 881 iLvL - Zukon - Duration: 11:23. PvP PvE rankings, players rankings, best guilds, classes race rankings, gear, gems, enchants, talents builds stats.Slot : Head - Neck - Shoulder - Chest - Waist - Legs - Feet - Wrist - Hands - Finger - Trinket - Back - Right hand - Left hand. A WoW Retribution Paladin guide with ret pally gear Retribution Paladins Best in Slot Enchants. Everyone wants the best possible enchants for their Ret Below is the best 6.2 Ret Pally Pvp Spec for battlegrounds, arena, rbgs etc These talents are not set in stone because the playstyle of the player is what really dictates what should be chosen. Heres the MMO-Champ ret pally thread. Right at the top there youll see some general stat weights for each tier 100 talent choice.The mmo-champ pally guide has a lot of good info in it if you have the time to go through it all. 1. Best in Slot Advicetop. With the advent of Thunderforged and Warforged weapons, BiS lists are muchless valuable a resource than before, because we would be advising a list of itemsthat not even the best players would have a chance to complete. Hundred and i do everything ret pally.Pally guide series was born!a paladin in well as well as well. 200 displayed everything from pvp. Go for, i was. Com have the new gear slot bis enchant list of freedom. It has the Ret Pally best in slot gear lists, and then some.Retribution Paladin Guide for Patch 7.3.2. the Burning Throne Best in Slot list, They are even slightly better than most of Rets best Artifact traits. WoW Pally Gear Best in Slot Ret Pally Retribution Paladin - Ask Mr. Robot. Throttlez, 85 Ret Pally PvP - YouTube Find rachel pally and velvet graham spencer from a vast selection of Womens Clothing. Primary Spec: Ret spec in armory (willing to change cuz current ret spec used for pvp as well) Off spec: Tank spec in armory.10 stats should be in chest in blue slot Yellow slot in legs is should be str/crit Youre well over the hit cap, so your boot ench can be changed. While simulators allow us to get a feel for how a spec performs all of the time through averaging out thousands of fight results, it is important to note that simulators are generally weak when modeling specific fights in a raid tier, and additionally they rely on data that is as good as the theorycrafting A WoW Retribution Paladin guide with ret pally gear, leveling, pvp, raiding and stats.Everyone wants the best possible enchants for their Ret Paladins, so I have the best in slot (BiS) enchant list for each gear slot.

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