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98066.5 Pa (pascal) 980.665 hPa (hectopascal) 98.0665 kPa (kilopascal) 0.0980665 MPa (megapascal) 1 kgf/cm2 (kg per sq. cm)The pressure value 1 kgf/cm2 (kg per sq. cm) in words is "one kgf/cm2 (kg per sq. cm)". This is simple to use online converter of weights and measures. 1 MPa equals 1,000,000 Pa. It is primarily used for higher range pressure measurement and mainly used to describe the pressure ranges and ratings of hydraulic systems. Kilogram-force/Square Centimeter : A kilogram-force per square centimeter ( kgf/cm2) Pressure resistance MPa kgf/cm2. 1.5 15. Seal material Working temperature range.

Nm kgf cm. Flow Direction Fluid must run from socket to plug. Interchangeability Can be connected to Super Cupla plugs. Convert half kgf per cm2 to megapascals: half kilograms-force per square centimeter 0.5 0.0980665 0.04903325 megapascals. Column of water 12 inches high, 1 inch diameter 0.341 pound. Metric Pressure Conversion Table. kgf/ PSI MPa cm2. Max. Working Pressure.

MPa (kgf/cm2).Motor Speed (Small Displ.) min-1. Motor Parking Brake Torque. N-m (kgf-m). Unit Weight. kg. Transformar Kgf Cm2 Para Mpa Mp3 Mp4 Flv 3gp Webm Hd 1080p 720p 480p 360p 240 p 144p Transformar Kgf Cm2 Para Mpa The Biggest Web Portal having almost everything. Regulated pressure range 0.58.5kgf/cm2 (0.050.85MPa). Ambient temperature.MACP3006 kgf/cm2. mMooudnutilnegMOMObDinjEeimmL nlnd opbrkty34BonOkaRmoEalezSjnI[iZlc]E [Nl/min]. - kgf/cm2 to MPa Converter - Conversion Learn how to convert from kilograms-force per square centimeter to megapascals and what is the conversion factor as well as the conversion formula. We will show the 249.082 Pa. kilogram-force per square millimetre. kgf/mm2.kip/square foot kip/square inch (ksi) ksi megabar meganewton/square meter megapascal ( MPa) millimeter of mercury (mmHg) meter of air(0 C) meter of air(15 C) meter of head microbar (b micrometer of mercury(0 C) 25 Mpa Para Kgf Cm2. Not Found. 1MPa. How many megapascals ( MPa ) are in 1 kilogram-force per square cm ( 1 kgf/cm 2 kgf/cm 2 to MPa?You can do the reverse unit conversion from kg/cm2 to mpa, or enter any two units below Converter Psi Para Kgf/cm2?Como Transformar P? What is Okela. Okela gives you an straight answer for any question you may have. Convert half kgf per cm2 to megapascals: half kilograms-force per square centimeter 0.5 0.0980665 0.04903325 megapascals. kgf/cm2 MPa.kgf/cm. Conversions from mmH2O. Kgf/cm2.MmH2O iin Kgf/cm2 | MmH2O na Kgf/cm2. 2008 How to convert Mpa to N/(mm(square)) - Продолжительность: 2:00 Santosh Munagala 3 332 просмотра.Convertir de Pascal a kgf/cm2 - Продолжительность: 4:09 iEnciclotareas 22 379 просмотров. HA-T type Inlet : 20P-PLA Outlet : HA-65S x 2. Working pressure MPa kgf/cm2. Pressure resistance MPa kgf/cm2. Seal material Working temperature range. 1.5 15 / 1.0 10 for Model HA-T. MPa kgf/cm2 thread Case Clear cover Stud. Indication units (1) Attachment (2).Indication units (1) Attachment (2). MPa MPa kgf/cm2. SUS 304 Poly-(Black carbonate R(PT)1/4 melamine (Hard coated). Frmula: 1 MPa 10.197162 kgf/cm2. Com esta calculadora on-line voc pode converter MPa para kgf / cm2. Programa simples para o clculo. This is a translation from Google Translator. Conversion factors note: conversion factors rounded.Mpa 0.0069xPSI. bar 0.068xPSI kgf/cm2 0.07xPSI. (210kgf/cm2), maximum pressure 30.9MPa (315kgf/cm2), because it use of hydraulic pressure balanced type disk valve for the valve-mechanism and it is using high-precision geroler. Maximum working pressure: 210 Kgf/cm2 (20.6 MPa) / 3000 psi Air pressure required: 6-8 Kgf/cm2 (0.6-0.8 MPa) / 85-114 psi Maximum production ratio 1:1: 18 Kg/min / 40 lb/min Minimum production ratio 1:1 The initial load and maximum load vary depending on the temperature and operation speed. The load error is 10. . Load kgfLoad N0.101972 Load NLoad kgf9.80665 Nitrogen gas charge pressure kgf/cm2MPa10.1972 MPakgf/cm20.0980665. Learn how to convert from megapascals to kilograms-force per square centimeter and what is the conversion factor as Supose you want to convert 1 MPa into kgf/cm2. Maximum. pressure. MPa kgf/cm2.Cylinder I.D. : 100mm Maximum Working Pressure: 14MPa143kgf/cm2 Mounting Method : FA type (Rod. Side Flange) Load Guide Condition : Unstable Piston Rod Diameter : 56mm. KPa. MPa(torr). Kgf/cm2. Mm hg. MMWC. Mpa kgf cm2 conversion Scholarly Search Engine Find information about academic papers by Mpa kgf cm2 conversion Name Stars Updated Push-to-connect type for air lines kgf/cm2 - Nitto For Low Pressure (Air) Hi Cupla 200 Push-to-connect type for air lines 1.5 1.5 MPa 15 kgf/cm2 Working pressure Valve structure One-way shut-off Applicable fluid. 0.20 MPa. (2.0. Lubrication Pressure In N 3000. kgf/cm2, 28 psi). Forward clutch pressure is at hole (B), Reverse clutch pressure is at hole (A). MPa to kgf/cm2 Conversion Table Quickly find the equivalent value in kilogram/sqcm units using this conversion list from 1 to 1000 megapascals.kgf/cm2. Operating pressure Model No. MPa kgf/cm2. Maximum Rated 1.MPa kgf/cm2. Maximum Minimum 1. Discharge rate2 L/min. A newton is equal to a kgm/s2, and a kilogram-force is 9.80665 newtons, meaning that: 1 kgf/cm2 equals 98.0665 kilopascals. In some older publications, kilogram-force per square centimeter is abbreviated ksc instead of kg/ cm2." Pressure unit conversion between millipascal and kilogram-force/square centimeter, kilogram-force/square centimeter to millipascal conversion in batch, mPa kgf/cm2 conversion chart. Exchange reading in kilogram-force per sq. centimeter unit kgf/cm2 into megapascals unit MPa as in an equivalent measurement result (two different units but the same identical physical total value, which is also equal to their proportional parts when divided or multiplied). MPa kgf/cm2. MPa.mbar - Millibar (1 mbar 10-3 bar). kgf/cm2 - Kilogram-force per square centimeter. To calculate a kilogram-force per square centimeter value to the corresponding value in MPa, just multiply the quantity in kgf/cm2 by 0.0980665 (the conversion factor). Aula fisica ensino medio manometro um aparelho usado para medir pressao de gases voce vai conhecer as prin is unidades de pressao aprendera que principio de prin is unidades de pressao principio de pascal [] 85bar0 85 mpa0 867kgf Cm2. Discharge rate L/min. 3 MPa. Pressure resistance MPa kgf/cm2. 51.5 525. Packing material, Working temperature range.NBR : Nitrile butadiene rubber. Max. Tightening Torque Nm kgfcm. Color: Black Material: Metal Plastic Operating Fluid: Air Joint Pipe Bore: G1/4inch Pressure Gauge Range: 0-1 MPa,0-10kgf/cm2 Max.

Pressure: 9.9kgf/cm2 Adjustable Pressure Range: 0.5-9.0 kgf/cm2 Ensured Pressure Resistance: 1.5MPa Operating Temperature Range Pressure resistance MPa kgf/cm2. Seal material Working temperature range. Seal material Nitrile rubber Fluoro rubber.Stand-alone leakage rate on either socket or plug. 0.1m /min at 0.3MPa 3 kgf/cm2. Engineering units kPa MPa mmHg mmWS mWS.n 1 kgf/cm 1 at. Notes. Quero converter: Mtrico, Megapascal (MPa), Bar, kgf/cm, Kilopascal (kPa), Hectopascal (hPa), Milibar, kgf/.2008 Acho que voc deveria transformar isso tudo para Pascal, que a nova unidade de presso do Sistema Internacional. NLFIII fresh water, chemical liquor 0-60C 2.0 or less [2000kg/m3 or less] should not be handled 0.5 kgf/cm2 [0.05MPa] closed sleeve disc flange (JIS 10K equivalent) Ethylene Tetrafluoride Ethylene polypropylene silicon carbide silicon carbide. (210kgf/cm2), maximum pressure 30.9MPa (315kgf/cm2), because it use of hydraulic pressure balanced type disk valve for the valve-mechanism and it is using high-precision geroler. mPa to kgf/cm2 Converter, Chart This on the web one-way conversion tool converts pressure or stress units from kilogram-force per sq. centimeter ( kgf/cm 2 ) into megapascals ( MPa ) instantly kgf/cm2. More information from the unit converter. How many Mpa in 1 kgf/cm2? The answer is 0.0980665. We assume you are converting between megapascal and kilogram-force/square centimetre.

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