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3. The Repair part is finished, the speed of your computer will be much higher than before and the errors have been fixed. You can also use other functions in SmartPCFixer. Like dll downloading, windows updating and print spooler error repair. Tagged: articles/mup sys hangs error in windows System freezes when booting after displaying windows XP logo?In safe mode booting system hangs after loading mup.sysSystem reboots continuously due to mup.sys error? It started to hang on boot the other day, coincidentally when he bought software for his kids that was a game with a usb controler. It hangs at mup.sys and never loads fully to windows XP media center edition. Windows xp hangs on mup.sys, Operating Systems, Computer end-user technical support. Try to start in safe mode with new bios settings. Windows XP freezes at mup.sys, how do I fix it? this is a windows question, but i cant find any good windows forums. all of this is in winxp home, (not linux). i occassionally have my comp crash and shutdown. when i boot up in safe mode it stops on mup.sys. this is not the problem, as i have read Mup.sys hangs and other Windows lockups that freeze your system.Windows xp freezes at mupsys how do i fix it page 5.

Recovering from a mup.sys boot hang on windows 2000 or xp, Troubleshooting tips and proven fixes that will help. Windows XP.If the system appears to be hung on mup.sys and the HDD light is flashing, it could be that chkdsk is doing what it is supposed to do or what you told it to do - checking the volume(s) for consistency. Then whenever i booted into the OS it would hang at the starting windows screen on both XP and 2000. Upon starting it in safe mode, it stops at MUP.sys in BOTH cases ( xp and 2000 installations) and the computer locks up. XP Hangs on Mup.sys. Discussion in Operating Systems started by Carlosinfl, Nov 2, 2008.I then booted from a Windows XP Pro CD and went into the "recovery" console and selected the installation I wanted to log into I recently tried to boot into Safe Mode so I could run a virus scan and spy sweep and it hangs on mup.sys.

XP Pro installed, BSoD on boot-up, starting from CD hangs. Windows 2000 safe mode? Win XP Pro hangs with a blank screen. If started in safe mode, it scrolls the drivers until MUP.SYS is seen and then hangs.Ive tried booting from the WinXP Cd, and at this moment its just sitting there saying setup is starting windows. I needed to get my partners PC into safe mode a few weeks back, and it stayed on mup.sys for a while before it finally loaded.Dracia. XP was hung up good on the black page more than an hour.reinstall fixed it. MCE 2005 wont boot to XP or Safe Mode - stops at Mup.sys. Virtual PC 2004 HANG! HANG! and HANG! removing a bad entry from mup.sys.rjean39 posted Mar 10, 2017. Windows update keeps running (hangs). auntiem posted Jan 18, 2017. Modify GPO but option doesnt show. Windows XP Ask a question Report Reply to this topic. Hello, My machine has suddenly decided to stop booting, tried booting from safe mode (all options), but it hangs after Mup.sys. How to fix an XPWin 2000 System that freezes after loading mup.sys while booting. Symptoms: 1. When booting in normal mode my windows XP system hangs after displaying the XP logo and progress bar. Every time I boot the computer I see the Windows XP logo. It disappears and then nothing else appears on the monitor. When I go into safe mode I can t get the computer to boot either.When I go into Safe Mode the system now hangs at mup.sys the object above agp440.sys. Other helpful tips and tricks. sys hang. sys. sys reboot problem. . mup. If you experienced like these kind of symptoms, then maybe it help you with this troubleshooting. sys in safe modeno administrator passowrd - posted in Windows XP Home and Professional When entering safe mode, files will normally load on and will hang at mup .sys. All other ways will hang even before the Windows Boot Screen appears.2. I used his Windows XP Home Edition CD to go into Windows Setup, when I booted it up, the blue screen appears with Windows Setup at the top left The last driver to be loaded before seeming to hang again is Mup.sys. I understand that Mup.sys is probably not the issue, but whatever is loaded after it.Browse other questions tagged windows-xp chkdsk mup.sys or ask your own question. I booted into safe mode and it loaded drivers and files, and then hung on mup.sys and rebooted and looped. I also tried starting the computer from settings that last worked, and again, nothing I dont have my original Windows XP disk anymore, and Ive heard that /chkdsk works sometimes, so I found If windows XP wont boot and a safe mode boot hangs at mup.sys, you are not alone. The cause of the issue seems to be largely misunderstood and the cause of much frustration. Here is a very good article (IMHO) that will help you understand and resolve the windows xp mup.sys hang. When it boots it hangs on Mup.sys. I tried replacing the file, restoring the registry, and renewing a previously working state but none of those worked. I tried several Windows XP disks but they all hang after the "Press F to install custom RAID drivers" so I cant run chkdsk. Signs of Mup.sys errors Windows Freezes after Loading mup.sys during Boot Process Xp hangs at mup.sys on startup System hangs on safe mode boot at mup.sys and blue screen shows STOP:0x0000007e BLEEPINGCOMPUTER NEEDS YOUR HELP! Programs you are having problems with : Windows xp sp3 and my computer is Dell Latitude E5500.when i try to log on the safe mode the computer hang on. Mup.sys. 03. I tried this solution. Problem 1 :: Windows XP hangs when loading the mup.sys driver - or! perhaps when loading the ACPI driver which comes after mup.

sys. (revealed by a log). Recovering Mup.sys (Windows XP). April 24, 2010 by Faisal Naik. Had this weird issue early morning when I turned on the computer. XP wont boot up. Even the safe mode did not work and the system got freezed at mup.sys file everytime. Display problem after update XP service pack 2 Programmes Wont Run stand-by and QOSMIO E10 to MCE 2005 Cant start in Safe Mode or any mode - hangs on mup.sys driver. Where do I download the specific drivers for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard O.S Q: Xp hangs at mup . sys on startup It is also important to realize that the problem is not with mup . sys (it hasRecovering from a mup.sys boot hang on windows 2000 or XP. What Reported by Now it hangs on Mup. sys during boot. perhaps we can do some Windows XP sniffing of a. vdi to determine what the correct. Unable to boot XP Solved - CCM - Online Community. Ive got a clients machine ( XP Pro) that stops booting at fltmgr. sys. Home > Windows Xp > Windows Xp Keeps Rebooting On Startup Mup.sys.Quote: Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.helpandsupport (More info?)On Friday i had finished setting up a computer w/ windows XP Pro I had set it up on the network and everything. To unlock all features and tools, a purchase is required. Download DriverAgent Plus to quickly scan and identify out-of-date or missing Windows Drivers. Recovering from a mup.sys boot hang on windows 2000 or XP. WhatLocation: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. Windows XP freezes at Mup.sys in safe modeno administrator One of our readers submitted such problem, that Windows Xp hangs at welcome screen. This happens mainly due to some problem with one of the system files of windows Xp. The file is MUP.sys. When mup driver is infected by virus and spyware, or becomes missing / corrupted, mup .sys will hang at system startup and make your PC reboot and enter boot loop, we call it blue screen of death BSOD error. The mup.sys BSOD usually appears on your computers installed with Microsoft Windows XP After a hard reboot, the PC would freeze up during the Windows XP boot screen and in safe mode, it freezes after loading MUP.SYS.RE: MUP.SYS Hang. BadBigBen (MIS) 5 Jan 08 11:08. Question: do you have an external USB mouse installed or other USB device? Its hanging on the SATA RAID controller that I installed. Here is the log. 28-April-2003 21:46.04 SATARaid Event Logger Started 28-April-2003 21:46.04 SATARaidWindows XP Pro does not include support for SATA controllers and will not see the drive during setup. Last night I shut it down, started it back up this morning and it hangs on the Windows XP loading screenit gives me choices to start normally or safe mode, and whichever I choose, starting normally the loading screen loads infintely or loading the required drivers for safe mode stalls after Mup.sys. Yes, theyd run Windows Update the day before, and as suspected it messed up. Next my winodws wont load and I get a mup.sys hang while booting windows XP in safe mode.When I try to re-install my windows XP I get the pci.sys error in. Windows XP Hangs at MUP.SYS the reboots - AnandTech Forums.This or USB HDD/sticks are no longer recognized. Location: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. Next step after XP mup.sys hang recovery (long, detailed) - Forums Stuck on "mup.sys" during boot up | PC Review.One in every ten or so times we boot up a Windows XP each system appears to hang on a file called " mup . sys ". Xp Hangs at startup (safemode mup. Sys) Posted on 2010-03-15 Windows XP Windows OS PCs 4 Verified Solutions.Troubleshooting tips and proven fixes that will help you recover from a windows XP mup. Sys hang when you cant boot safe mode. Discussion in Windows XP Help and Support started by bnb1023, Aug 12, 2011.In safe mode, it stops for a long time at mup.sys, the goes on the the same result. I would like to boot from the new Western Digital (for speed and fears my Maxtor will die out). I took the Maxtor out and replaced it with the Western Digital, and proceeded to do a clean install of Windows XP Home. Of course, it hangs after mup.sys. Now the computer wont start regularly and hangs up on the "mup.sys" when trying to start in safe mode. Does anyone have any suggestions and does the Windows XP CD have a repair OS option? It often hangs on mup.sys. This problem can only be fixed with the XP installer disk and then following proper installation procedures. This problem does NOT occur with XP Professional, it is only a problem with the HOME edition of XP. Im trying to install Windows XP SP3 Professional on a Thinkpad X20. It has no optical drive, so Im installing on a T40p and then moving theWindows installed fine on the T40p, but when I first tried booting the moved disk on the X20 it hung at AGP440.sys. With that disabled, I get as far as Mup.sys. I have a Windows XP computer that will not boot normally or boot in safe mode. It hangs at the loading of mup.sys. I have tried booting to the XP installation CD but when it loads up there is not a repair option. windows xp safe mode hangs at mup.sys.mup kantona sarajevo konkurs. windows xp hangs on loading mup.sys. Irish Youth Brigade. Youth Embracing Their Heritage And Supporting Their Communities! Even in Safe mode it hangs at mup.sys ,, what kind of recovery software is this?have a similar problem. the 2009 works perfect. but when i load the 2010 upgrade, the system starts to load then reboots. this goes into a loop and does not stop. i even loaded a clean install of xp. loaded ti 2009 and Finally I copied mup.sys (found in windows/system32/drivers) from a good copy of XP and overwrote the copy on my computer.So a total hang at that point may be associated by mup.sys, but is much more likely the initialisation of a driver that is quite unrelated to it.

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