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Taking that into consideration, for a rifle that would be used primarily paper punching, would I be better off with a 700P, 700P LTR, or SPS Varmint (with added HS stock in the future)??? (in . 308). Remington 700 custom in .308 cal. This custom rifle was assembled by Var-Tac rifles, and has a Border Barrels cut-rifled barrel, in medium varmint profile Remington 700 308 Win SPS Barrel 24" Matte New Takeoff .308 Sporter Contour.Remington 700 take off.221 Fireball cal. Nice blue finish. Sporter contour. Good rifling and shinny bore. Threads are very good. Remington Model 700 .308 WIN cal Bolt Action Rifle ForRemington model 700 bdl caliber 308 win bolt action rifle .308 Cal Remington Model 700 Bolt Action Rifle. 13" Synthetic Stock with Marbelling Effect. 26" Black Barrel.Remington. Calibre: .308. Model: 700 SPS Varmint. Manufactured Year REMINGTON 700 .

308 Choate stock review by RACKNLOAD.Savage 10FP Choate Sniper Rifle .308 Cal with ZOS Scope10x-40 60 mm.Accuracy test at 100 yards. Remington 700 Project: Stock Swap. Specifications are: Action- Remington 700 BDL 308 Win.

Action was from a Remington BDL rifle and not an SPS. Stock- McMillan A5 with integral clamp bar adjustable cheek piece, Expandable length of pull with stock spacers. Remington 700 , 308Win, long range shooting 1000m. Choosing your Model 700. Remington 700 VS SF II cal.22-250 .Remington 700 vs Ruger Precision Rifle 308win Accuracy Test. Mail Call Mondays Season 6 14 - Whats up with the Remington 700 Long Range. The 700 VTR is available in .223 Remington (5.56x45mm) and .308 Winchester (7.62x51mm).Final Notes As with any other device, the proof of the pudding was shooting Remingtons 700 VTR and the rifle delivers the goods! Looking forward to hearing more about the Remington 700 VTR. I like this rifle and researching other sites for info as well.Tim B. I bought a Remington VTR in 308cal. last year for a hunting rifle. Remington 700 Rifle build you a Custom Remington 700 Rifle or rebarrel your existing Remington 700 can be faced off to fit a .750" Diameter barrel. shooting 1,000 yards with my Remington 700 SPS Varmint .308 withCarabina Remington SPS Varmint in cal. within the General Model 700s Single shot with a .308 Cal Remington 700 VSF.First Shots: Remington 700 ADL .308 Win. Rifle (HD) - Продолжительность: 8:33 GunsGearN Freedom 406 168 просмотров. Remington 700 Varmint ADL .308 420 out the door on a Black Friday deal. Cant beat that. Scope is junk but a really nice rifle.Remington 700 SPS Varmint in .308 cal.

First shots with scope way off. Zoom on highest for camcorder at my outdoor range Based on equipment, competitors can choose to compete in one of the two classes Open or Standard: F-TR ("Target", Standard Class): A restricted class permitting a scope, bipod/ backpack and rear bag (no front rest), but the rifle has to be of either caliber .223 Remington or .308 Winchester. Be the first to review REMINGTON 700 LIGHT TACTICAL RIFLE W/ THREADED BARREL 22 . 308 CAL Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked . For complete information on Remington Law Enforcement firearms, ammunition and accessories take a virtual trip to Remington Country.Model 700P LTR (Light Tactical Rifle), chambered for .308 Win .223 Rem and .300 Rem. Remington Core Lokt RifleWinchester Mdl 70 Cal .308 Colt Mdl The Coltman Cal Remington 700 Cal .308 Win ARMSLIST For Sale: Vz Cz Remington Bolt Action 308cal 700 SSP Rifle, 24 Barrel, Blue Finish, 13.5 LOP, Condition 95. Comes with a Nikon 4-12 Buckmaster II Scope. Shot 10 rounds to confirm everything worked properly. Was going to keep for a hunting rifle, but I have no time for it. It is a 308 Cal Remington 700 Tactical with Magpul Hunter stock and Timney Trigger. Building on a legacy of excellence forged by Eliphalet Remington in 1816, Remington rifles have defined and defended the American way of life for more than 200 years. The Model 700 bolt-actions accuracy and dependability remain legendary more than 50 years since it was unveiled. Box remington 700 stainless 308 CAL. Rifle with the 5-RPerhaps the most popular .308 rifle of theirs is the Remington 700. so if you dont see the Remington .308 rifle or .308 rifle Lot : 24 - Remington Model 700 Rifle Cal.308 Sn: G6872345.Names include Melior Brevete, fnh, HR, CVA, Stevens, and Remington, Winchester, Rossi, HR, Mossburg, Browning,Ruger, Jimenex Arms, Charles Daly, Savage, Marlin, J.C. Higgins, SW, Glock, Makarov and more. remington Model 700 SPS Tactical stock | Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308 cal mounted on a choate ultimate sniperAR-15 Rifle Skin. Wanted to add a few photos of my XLR chassis I did in the gunskins ATACS FG. I had this rifle custom made back in 2000 by a retired Marine Corp armorer. It has only been shot "seven" times. It has a Remington short action receiver, Schnieder 24" SS barrel, McMillen camo stock, Leupold 6.5 x 20 in 30mm tube, sniper grade I just bought my first Remington 700, .308 Cal rifle. I love this rifle, the stock is by Houge so its all rubber. I am shooting 150 and 155 gran ammo. Remington 700 cal .308Win, blueprinted action by Riflecraft. Black AICS fixed stock Chassis , 10 rd mag, modified trigger and large bolt knob. 23" inch Border cut rifled barrel, 1 in 10" twist, Fluted, with Holland style brake. Remington 308 Cal Rifle.Remington Aac Sd 308 Rifle. Remington 700 Sniper Stock. 2200 USD. Make: Remington Model: 700 (Police) Caliber: 308 Barrel: 20in Scope: Leupold 3x12-40 (Mark Tactical) Ship: No Selling: 1,200 Other: Comes with Harris bipod. Seller pays transfer fees Make: Remington Model: 700 Caliber: 308 Barrel: 24in Scope: Leupold 4.5-14X40 Milldot REMINGTON VS-700 LH .308 WIN Guns > Rifles > Remington Rifles - REMINGTON Model 700 BDL VS, LH, .308 Cal. Remingtons response was adding the Remington 700 SPS Tactical model in 2010 available in various barrel configurations with chamberings in .223 . 308, and later addingThe finish though plain is extremely durable, but does nothing to represent what the high grade Remington 700 rifles offer. This is a discussion on Remington 700 308cal. within the Bolt Action forums, part of the Gun Forum category I just got a good deal on a Remington 700 ADL. in 308cal. with a 26" Heavy Varmint Bbl.Modern M14 Rifle. The Best Remington 700 Upgrades for your Ultimate Sniper Rifle. Choose Your Stock Upgrade.Been looking for what to do with Remington 700 ADL 22/250, light barrel. Thinking barrel chamber in diffrent cal.? Restock. Thinking .223 or .308 ? The Remington 5709 700 Police Rifle in .308 Win features a 26-inch heavy barrel, black finish, drilled and tapped receiver, black synthetic stock, no sightsby Manufacturer 2A Armament 50 CAL Tactical Concealment 508 Holsters 511 Tactical A-Zoom AG Magazines ACCU-TAC Adams Arms Adaptive Buy: 34.99 Remington 700 BDL SA Synthetic Stock W/Rubber Grip Inserts .243 Win 308 Win Rifle939.95 AB ARMS Mod X Gen III Modular Rifle Chassis FDE for Remington 700 SA 308 Rifle59.95 Remington fits Model 700 BDL Mag Clip SA 6mm, 7mm-08 243/308 Cal Blued 4 Round Remington 700 XCR Compact Tactical 308win - vortex viper pst 4-16x50 ffp дистанция 300-500 метров. На следующей недели планирую установить ДТК на винтовку, более удобный тыльник и взять более качественные патроны. Думаю результат будит лучше :) Первые 8 выстрелов это с Custom Remington 700 Rifles. At Accuracy Systems our goal is to give you that edge you are looking for. Plain and simple.Strait Forward 4 Ultimate 700 (Shown in 308 Win.) UMSS Pro Series Barrel, 26.5"x 1.25" tapering to .835" with 11 Degree Target crown Fluted barrel. Hi, We would just like to say a few words about our site below you will find 30 Images For Remington Model 870 Rifle 308 Cal from our Images Galleries, If you are searching for ImagesModel 700 Magpul Remington. Collectors Firearms Archiv 870 Page 2 Rifleshoote Model: 700 Caliber / Gauge: .308 Win Barrel Length: 27" Serial Number: G6828009 Translate to English Show the original language.United States, Tallahassee. Catalogue: FIREARMS Tactical, Pistols, Rifles, Ammo. Auction house One of the new ones this year is the Remington 700 VTR, or Varmint-Tactical Rifle.Purchased a VTR in 308 cal. New. Been using surplus ammo only im hitting a 18 inch square gong at 600 yards every time. Remington 700 .308 Win vs Milk Jug 1000 Yards Factory Ammo - LRSU Milk Jug Challenge Mike Adams 11.I should have put a 20 MOA scope on the rifle Remington 700 ADL chambered in . 308. Смотреть First Shots: Remington 700 ADL .308 Win. Rifle (HD) Ютуб видео, музыка, фильмы, обзоры, игровое и познавательное видео, и ещё многое другое,у нас найдёшь всё - мы ждём тебя! Remington Model 700 bolt action rifles in 7mm Rem. mag. have a 1 in 9 right hand twist (one full turn in nine inches of barrel).What type of ammo for a Winchester model 94AE cal. 44 rem. mag. rifle? 2 Remington 700 Sps Tactical Cal.308 Win - Armurerie The Remington 700 SPS .308 Win. Bolt-Action Tactical Rifle features a 20" carbon steel barrel and a Hogue overmold synthetic stock. I acquired a Remington 700 Long Action that had already been Blueprinted.Part way through the build, Derrick suggested setting the rifle up for a quick change barrel. I ordered a Douglas Barrel in . 308 Cal with the intent of having a 7.62mm option for FTR matches. Im looking to buy a remington 700 AAC in 308 cal with or without any accessories. Not too concerned about the stock however the barrel (20" or longer)should be in excellent condition as well as the action. The proven 700 action maintained its reputation for accuracy and reliability.Remington claims the fluting helps cool the barrel faster, lightens overall weight, and stiffens the barrel. Our observations did not prove or disprove these claims, except for the fact it does lighten the rifle. This gun started out as a Remington 700 ADL and has been modified to its current specs.CATEGORY Rifles. Manufacturer Remington. Caliber 308/7.62 NATO. Action Bolt Action. Firearm Type Rifle. I was looking at the Remington 770 .308 cal but, after reading what people say about it (thats its crap, really) Im having second thoughts.So do yourself a favor and spend the extra on the Remington 700 - the military trusts it as their designated sniper rifle in .308 (M24), what other reason should you 308 Cal 26"heavy barrel. This rifle is like brand new, and has just came back from Remington after having the trigger replaced under the recall notice.

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