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Using a valid ISO date format to create a date object while making the intent of UTC vs local very clear. var userEnteredDate "12/20/1989" var partsIf you are storing the timezone as a user setting, then the UTC date methods in JavaScript should suffice and new Date() can be avoided altogether. Here I am trying to convert a date to UTC and then converting same UTC date as new date. but the issue is that I am not getting same date which I passed. here is my fiddle Here I am passing Date 11/2/2015 ie 2 November 2015, then converting it to UTC. How to format javascript data. I am getting a string formatted date with UTC timezone. I need to convert this date time in users current time zone using jquery or javascript.note that month in Date.UTC is zero based e.g. October would be 9. new Date(value) would do this for us automatically if the format is correct - where value Using Node.js, I want to format a Date into the following string format: var tshms new Date(UTC) tshms.format("Y-m-d H:M:S")Moment.js [thanks to Mustafa] A lightweight (4.3k) javascript date library for parsing, manipulating, and formatting dates Includes Javascript Format Datetime. by Didin J. on дек 24, 2016.We can display a datetime in more human readable using this method.

< script type"text/javascript"> var datetime document.getElementById(datetime) var d new Date() var formatted d.getDate 14 Mar 2012 With this format, your date/time string is interpreted as UTC. A final cautionary note: if you are writing a library and wish to convert date strings.XDate is a thin wrapper around JavaScripts native Date object that provides since the UTC epoch. new XDate(year, month, date, hours, minutes 1 The date formatting in JavaScript. 2 JavaScript getDay and getMonth methods example.